APS March 2020 Schedule

James Furness Monday 2th 8:48 3B The Importance of Smoothness with Exact constraints in Functional Design
Kanun Pokharel Monday 2th 12:15 3B Constrained Machine Learning de-orbitalization of meta-GGA exchange-correlation functionals
Jianwei Sun Monday 2th 12:51 3B Symmetry-Breaking Polymorphous Descriptions for Correlated Materials without Interelectronic U
Manish Kothakonda Tuesday 3th 9:48 3B How accurate can a metaGGA+vdW functional be simultaneously for chemisorption and physisorption of molecular adsorption on transition metal surfaces
Jinliang Ning Wednesday 4th 9:00 3C Stability subtlety of layered magnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4
Henry Fitzhugh Thursday 5th 9:00 3B Characterizing Single-Molecule Magnets using Density Functional Theory
Ruiqi Zhang Thursday 5th 3:06 2C A Parameter-free Study of the Magnetic and Electronic Structure of the Topological Heavy-fermion Compound SmB6
Jamin Kidd Thursday 5th 4:54 2C First-principles study of band topology for f-electron materials: Ce3(Pt/Pd)3Bi4