APS March Meeting

The entire group will be heading up to the APS march meeting. Many of our group members will be presenting talks, and a full timetable is included below.


Jinliang Ning 213 Monday 4th 11:15 Mechanism of water oxidation catalyzed by cobalt-intercalated layered MnO2: confinement and intercalant local ordering
James Furness 203 Tuesday 5th 16:18 Enhancing the efficiency of density functionals with a novel iso-orbital indicator
Jianwei Sun 203 Tuesday 5th 16:42 Gapping of MnO, FeO,CoO and NiO Mott insulators by SCAN without U
Manish Kothakonda 203 Wednesday 6th 13:27 Benchmark studies for adsorption bond energies to transition metal surfaces
Kanun Pokharel 203 Wednesday 6th 13:51 A first-principles study of insulating La2CuO4 and its transition to the metallic state with Sr-doping
Ruiqui Zhang 203 Wednesday 6th 16:06 Direct Z-Scheme Water Splitting Photocatalyst Based on Two-Dimensional Van Der Waals Heterostructures

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